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The Things You Need To Know About Navicular Disease in Horses

If you are a horse owner, you must be familiar with different ways to protect your animal. Other than providing a good environment and protecting your horse against predators and other physical risks, you should also know common diseases and their prevention/treatments. Although not common, navicular disease can wide out your horses if you don’t know what to do as far as treatment is concerned. Experts have carried out several research projects and while there are still debates on the best treatment methods for vascular disease, there is light at the end of the tunnel. It is important to note that the disease is associated with pain. It goes without mentioning that the first approach is to find a solution to the pain. For your information, gallium nitrate is considered the best solution when it comes to pain and lameness associated with navicular disease in horses. Read on to discover more intrigues about navicular disease in horses and what you need to do to ensure that your horse stays healthy and in good mood.

As mentioned above, several medical research and investigations indicate that gallium nitrate performs better than other pain relief methods in horses. A particular research was carried out with pure gallium nitrate on 100 horses. Although not all horse owners treated their animals and did not file a report, a considerable number of them had positive results. Gallium nitrate has a significant effect on joint pains in horses, lameness, and other conditions. When asked about the medical history of the horses, 90% of the owners admitted that indeed they did not use any other treatment methods during the research period. This indicates that gallium nitrate plays a significant role in pain and lameness elimination in horses. From the results of the research on 100 horses, it goes without mentioning that the best way to treat your horse of pain and lameness is through the use of gallium nitrate.

Well, you may not find gallium nitrate in your local veterinary shop but don’t panic because you can buy online now. It is even better that going to a physical veterinary store because you can get the product delivery to your doorstep. All you need is to identify a reliable and reputable seller. You can talk to other horse owners especially those who have used gallium nitrate to get an insight into where to find the product. It is worth noting that buying gallium nitrate online can involve providing certain information so ensure that you read the privacy policy of the seller before you place an order. These details should be on the website of the seller you have identified.

Lastly, get to know the time it takes to process an order. If you want to use gallium nitrate immediately, look for a supplier that takes the shortest time. However, it may delay if you are several miles away, overseas, or even buying in bulk. Regardless, do not hesitate to use gallium nitrate to treat your horses of navicular disease.

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